Panasonic NN-K18JMMBPQ Microwave Oven Grill Turntable 800w 1000w Grill 20 Litres Auto Defrost Silver £76 at Amazon


Within no time you can now enjoy your favorite meals with Panasonic NN-K18JMMBPQ Microwave Oven that features 800W microwave power. You can easily adjust your cooking method from the given 5 power settings. Now defrosting and cooking are done so quickly and without labor with amazing 9 Auto Programmes e.g. fresh vegetables, pastry, potatoes, chicken, etc. The integrated grill in Panasonic NN-K18JMMBPQ Microwave Oven adds more to the benefits of a standard microwave oven and makes it more versatile.

Now you can cook faster customary grilled items such as bacon, toast, and vegetables with a 1000W Quartz Grill. You feel so relaxed and confident with 9 Auto Programmes of Panasonic NN-K18JMMBPQ Microwave Oven. The auto-defrost setting allows you to cook your frozen food items. You find in the box the Panasonic NN-K18JMMBPQ Microwave with Grill and a round wire rack. You get the real cooking experience with easy touch control with an additional grill cooking mode only with Panasonic NN-K18JMMBPQ Microwave Oven.     

Panasonic NN-K18JMMBPQ Microwave Oven Features:

  • Capacity: 20L
  • Microwave Oven Weight: 11.5 kg
  • Material type: ‎Acrylic Interior, Coated Metal – Silver
  • Installation type: Freestanding
  • Voltage: 240 V (800W consumption)

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