Samsung T35F Full HD Monitor 24″ £101.15 & 27″ £123.25 at Samsung

£101.15 Get Deal
£101.15 Get Deal

If you’re serious about your work or your gaming, then this is a choice monitor for you. The Samsung T35F Full HD Monitor is a 24-inch beast.  The code to avail of the offer is AUGBANKHOL15. The minimalist design allows it to seamlessly become one with the CPU and system that you have at hand as well as fit in with your home desk set up or office. It also ensures a high level of focus since there are no details for your eyes to get distracted by. The 3-sided borderless display adds a touch of cleanliness and modern vibes to the workplace. You can see it from any angle that is comfortable for you. Wherever you sit, you would have the full technicolor experience with this monitor. This is due to the IPS panel, which preserves color vividness and clarity. The tones and shades remain true to form from virtually all angles.

AMD Ryzen FreeSync, with its high efficiency, allows your graphics refresh rate to sync up with your monitor to reduce image tearing, resulting in a seamless and smooth sequence while playing games or watching fast-action movies. Game Mode adjusts to fill your screen. The advanced eye comfort technology helps to protect your eyes. You can connect it to multiple devices since it has both HDMI and D-sub ports, ensuring flexibility.

Samsung T35F Full HD Monitor  24 Features:

  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • Eye protection
  • Seamless graphics
  • Colour vividness and clarity preserved
  • Versatility through HDMI and D-sub port

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